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Nepal's Only Billionaire Shares his Inspirational Story

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While it's still too difficult to have interviews in person, TheStreet did speak exclusively with Binod Chaudhary, Nepal's first and only billionaire.

The founder and President of Chaudhary Group has a net worth of more than $1.3 billion. No topic was off-limits when TheStreet's Anuz Thapa sat down with the entrepreneur.

"I was not mentally prepared, nor was I educationally trained to handle what I had to handle", says Chaudhary.  He discusses the pandemic, its impact on his business and innovation and he also shares secrets to success. He hopes that others will learn from his successes and mistakes.

Can't wait? Watch Thapa's first interview with Chaudhary. It was during simpler times and took place at the company's headquarters in Nepal.

Editor's Note: The exclusive interview was produced and hosted by TheStreet's Anuz Thapa.

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