How to Start Investing at Any Age

You can be new to the markets at any age. Here's some advice from Kenny Polcari, Managing Principal at Butcher Joseph Asset Management.
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Need some investing advice?

Kenny Polcari, Managing Principal at Butcher Joseph Asset Management, gave new investors advice.

And, no, he didn't aim his advice at just millennials. 

Polcari gave advice for different age groups.

Fresh Outta College

Alright, so you're fresh out of college and looking to put some money to work. 

Polcari advises that investors fresh out of college "jump all in" in just stocks.

"Jump all in, allocate money monthly or quarterly, or semi-annually. However you do it, allocate," Polcari advised. 

He warns that younger investors should stray away from investing in bonds.

"For someone in that age category, being all in in stocks is where you should be," he said. "Don't even think about bonds."

Younger investors have "40 years" ahead of them, "and don't want to be in bonds at such a young age," Polcari told TheStreet.

30s and 40s

Investors in their 30s to mid-40s "should stick with the plan as well because they have a good 20 years to go, and so stocks will always outperform in the long run," Polcari said. 

"You can be a little bit more picky, you can be a little more dynamic in your allocation, but there's nothing better than consistent dollar cost average in every month or every quarter," he advised. "Keep re-investing your dividends."

"Don't take your dividends. Let the dividends be paid and let them be re-invested," Polcari added. 

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