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What Impact Will the Coronavirus Have on the 2020 NBA Draft?

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With the NBA season postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, what does this mean for the NBA draft and free agency? Robin Lundberg and Jeremy Woo from Sports Illustrated break it down for us.

First and foremost, there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the fate of the NBA season. "No one is really sure how this is going to play out yet. There's skepticism as to whether there will be a season. There aren't a ton of conclusive answers," said Woo.

On the question of how soon the NBA needs to make a decision as to the draft, Lundberg suggests that a wait-and-see approach might make sense. But on the flip side, teams need to know what the plan is and what their timetable is. The longer decisions are put off, the more strain is put on players.

Adding oil to the fire is the fact that the NBA fiscal year turns over on July 1, thus creating issues with contracts and trade exception expiration dates. "[There are] lots of layers to this that will make it a tricky matter," said Woo.

ESPN reported on March 17 that the NBA is accepting applications to the Undergraduate Advisory Committee, which is tasked with giving feedback to college prospects before they can officially enter the draft. The deadline for that is mid-April.

Read the full story over on Sports Illustrated.

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