NBA to Have Most Magical Season? Top Sports, Business News

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Here are the stories shaping sports and business for Wednesday May 20.

The NBA Turns Its Eyes to Walt Disney World

A new report indicates Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida is the leading candidate to host the NBA as the league looks to finish the regular season from one central location.

Unlike Major League Baseball which plans on having all 30 teams play games in their regular stadiums, the NBA wants the league to resume from one location.

According to the Athletic, some other cities like Las Vegas were also in play but Orlando and Disney World is now the front runner.

Disney’s Wide World of Sports is a 220-acre facility that can host multiple games at the same time. There’s plenty of hotels in the area that would act as housing for players, coaches and team representatives.
The NBA suspended its season on March 11.

A Coronavirus Update

There are over 4.9 million cases worldwide, and over 324,000 deaths.

1.5 million of those cases are in the United States, and over 92,000 deaths.

There are 308,000 cases in Russia and Brazil now has 275,000 cases.

The CDC has quietly released guidance around reopening.

The guidance lays out a “three-phased approach” to reopening and reducing social distancing. It also proposes six “gating” indicators which indicate when to move through another phase.

According to the guidance, the CDC is recommending that schools that are currently closed should remain closed through the first phase.

Child-care programs should also remain closed if an area has a high number of cases, with the exception of programs designed to help support and serve essential workers.

Bars should be closed and restaurants should remain limited to drive-thorough, curbside take-out and delivery in the first phase. Then they can begin reopening with limited capacity in the next phases.

The entire document is around 60 pages long and only has a May date. It was put up on the CDC’s website without an announcement.

The CDC wrote, “Given the potential for a rebound in the number of cases or level of community transmission, a low threshold for reinstating more stringent mitigation standards will be essential.”

An NFL Update

There’s still no official word from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on if this season’s games will be played without fans but according to Forbes if the NFL did go on with their season with empty stadiums the league would lose about 5.5 billion.

Forbes writer Mike Ozanian wrote a story about how much revenue each team would lose if there were no fans at the stadium. According to the report the Cowboys and Patriots would lose over half their revenue. Dallas’ stadium brings in the most revenue. In 2018, the Cowboys’ Stadium brought in 621 million and their total take overall was 950 million.

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