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Casinos Prepare to Reopen - Top Sports and Business News - April 28

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Here are the stories shaping sports and business on Tuesday, April 28. NBA is considering easing up on social distancing. Coronavirus cases top 3 million. Las Vegas eyes Mid-May as a possible return to action.

Let’s Kick it Off With the NBA

The NBA is revising its guidelines regarding team practice and training facilities with a tentative date for the new rules coming no earlier than May 8.

The National Basketball Association sent a memo to all 30 teams explaining the potential rule changes regarding players using team facilities.

The league says facilities in states with less restrictive social distancing rules will allow players to return for individual workouts or treatments. However, there are still some caveats:

  • Coaches are not allowed to attend the facility.
  • No Scrimmaging or practicing.
  • No more than four players would be permitted at a facility at any one time.
  • No head or assistant coaches could participate.
  • Group activity remains prohibited, including practices or scrimmages.
  • Players remain prohibited from using non-team facilities such as public health clubs, fitness centers, or gyms.

As for the teams in states that have a strict social distancing policy, the NBA says they will work with those organizations to identify alternative methods and solutions.

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A Coronavirus Update

There are over three million cases of the coronavirus worldwide with over 213,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins.

In the U.S., there are over one million cases and over 50,000 deaths. New York has over 291,000 cases.

Spain has 230,000 cases and 23,000 deaths.
Italy, which is rolling back restrictions on May 4, has nearly 200,000 cases and 26,000 cases.

Now let’s talk about reopening. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas announced that, starting Friday, movie theaters, restaurants, malls and stores would be allowed to reopen, although they would be open at limited capacity.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has said that Ohio will start opening incrementally. Manufacturing work will resume, and some offices will open next week.

Other states such as Alaska, Colorado, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Arkansas are all considering or have announced various reopening plans. 

Florida, Arizona and Nevada all have stay-at-home orders expiring on Thursday.

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Casinos Eye Reopening

About 1,000 casinos in 43 states have shut down due to the coronavirus since the middle of March. However, now that some states are easing up on their social distancing guidelines, we will start to see casinos starting to re-open.

 One casino in Idaho will re-open this week and a few Las Vegas casinos and hotels have started accepting reservations for the middle of May.

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