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Nascar Champ Danica Patrick--'I'm Not That Into Cars'

You would think that Nascar champion Danica Patrick would be a gear head who can talk makes, models and car parts and and car collector with garages brimming with rare autos. You would be wrong.

Danica Patrick said recently, "I'm just not a car person."

Wha-a-a-t (!?). Well, hang on ...

"I'm not into buying rare cars, fixing up a car, talking about cars," added Patrick, even though she's one of the best-known and highest-paid drivers on the Nascar circuit, at an event sponsored by Excedrin (made by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)  on Wednesday, Sept. 6, to raise awareness of migraine sufferers, particularity in the workplace. Two years ago, Patrick had her first migraine post-race and has since sought treatment.

And don't ever talk to Patrick about a Hemi, an engine with hemispherical custom chambers built by Chrysler starting in the 1950s that amps up a car.

"If someone says, 'I got a V-8 Hemi,' whatever. I don't know what the heck to say."

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Editors' pick: Originally published Sept. 12.

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