NAFTA Negotiations Resume, Tax Reform Speech Planned: Wednesday's Top Stories

Today's Top Stories: Negotiators are back at it again for NAFTA talks today, President Trump will make a speech tonight on tax reform in Pennsylvania, NFL owners want to make it mandatory to stand during the national anthem.
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Jane King Has Wednesday's Top Stories:

NAFTA Talks Resume Today:

Negotiators are back at it again for NAFTA talks today. It's the 4th of 7 meetings so far, with little progress reported. One item on the agenda is expected to be stricter standards for what items can be declared duty-free.

President Trump on Tax Reform:

President Donald Trump will give a speech tonight on tax reform in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He's expected to make anew argument for changes in the tax code-mainly that a typical American household will get what's essentially a $4000 pay raise with the changes proposed. He also expected to reiterate his call for an elimination of the estate tax.

NFL National Anthem Rules:

NFL owners are considering changing league rules to make it mandatory that players stand for the national anthem. The owners will meet next week to clarify game rules about the national anthem as the enforcement of rules has been inconsistent and unclear. TV ratings for NFL games have been down this season and some blame the national anthem controversy.

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