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Move Over EPS, Jim Cramer Has a New Investing Term

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Ready to add a new term to your investing dictionary?

Jim Cramer broke down his newest investing term for viewers of TheStreet's Facebook Live show. 

The term, which is similar to earnings per share or EPS, is part of Cramer's push to pay more attention to sustainability. 

Can you guess the term?

Did you guess Impact Per Share? 

Cramer explains what impact per share is and why investors need to sit up and pay attention to what companies are doing about sustainability. 

"We're talking about if you in the new generation--if you want the best people, you have to be talking about your societal impact. And I'm not just talking about sustainability like people want to know about...your footprint. People wanna know what you're giving back. People want to know what your game plan to help employees in bad times. How do you feel about gender equality, protection for minorities that are abused in this country?"

Cramer noted that he's been paying more attention to what companies are doing when it comes to sustainability--and that means environmental impact, social impact and how they approach minority and gender issues--this year and that he's dedicated the end of his interviews over on Mad Money to asking CEO's about these issues. 

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