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20 Most Popular Investing Videos of 2020

Here are the most watched videos on TheStreet in 2020.

It's that time of year. Time to review TheStreet's most watched and most popular videos.

From TheStreet Live with Jim Cramer and Katherine Ross to a slew of educational features including TheStreet Explains, Behind the Label and Pro Tips to our panel discussions and webinars; TheStreet video team has been busy this year!

As 2020 comes to a close it's time to reveal the most popular videos of the year. 

TheStreet's TOP 20 Investing Videos for 2020

When it comes to the most popular video of the year, it comes to no surprise that our fearless leader and TheStreet founder, Jim Cramer, holds the top spot.

1. Coronavirus: The Latest Numbers on the COVID-19 Pandemic

2. Tesla Stock: Jim Cramer Explains What Wall Street Still Can't Understand

3. Jim Cramer Talks Stimulus Checks, Markets, and His Top Stock Picks

4. How Markets Navigated 2020 'Storm:' Winners and Losers

5. 5 Coolest Auto Reveals of 2020

6. How to Know When a Stock Bottoms Out on Bad News

7. Airbnb Lifts IPO Pricing to $60, Looking to Raise $3 Billion

8. Jim Cramer Eyeing Similarities to Dot-Com Bubble but Still Buying Opportunities

9. Look Out for These Changes to Social Security and Medicare in 2020

10 Jim Cramer on Stock Valuations, Danger of Market Orders on IPOs

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TheStreet Recommends

11. Before You Binged: A History of Netflix

12. Jim Cramer: Close Your Eyes, Close Your Ears to Tech Earnings

13.FDA Staff Endorses Moderna Vaccine: Latest on Race to End COVID Pandemic

14. What Apple's 4-For-1 Stock Split Means for Investors

15.Where Jim Cramer Finds Stock Winners as Economy Adapts to COVID-19

16. What Is the Difference Between a Furlough and a Layoff?

17. Jim Cramer Questions Whether Markets Should Go Higher

18. Trading Discipline Essential for New Traders in the Market

19. Ask Bob: Should I Stop Contributing To My 401(k) Until The Pandemic Ends?

20. Aphria and Tilray Join Forces in Cannabis-Infused Mega Merger

Bonus. Here's THREE more educational videos.  Call it a holiday gift from TheStreet video team.

21. What Is a Put Option?

22. Why Jim Cramer Has Added Reddit to His Homework

23. on IPO, Using Nvidia GPUs and Competitive Strengths

Enjoy and happy watching.