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Einstein of Wall Street Returns to the Floor: What NYSE Looks Like Now

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Last April, TheStreet shared the coronavirus survival story of Peter Tuchman, New York Stock Exchange's "most photographed trader."

If you are wondering where he is now, this is a follow-up story.

Well, Tuchman, 62, is back on the NYSE floor (literally). Tuchman, who got sick with COVID-19 in March, was back on the NYSE floor for a couple of days in July but couldn't continue till November.

"I had surgery because I had my cervical spine collapse because of COVID," he said. "So I was out until November."

NYSE re-opened on May 26, 2020 with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo along with NYSE president Stacey Cunningham ringing the opening bell.

Tuchman, who is a regular trader at NYSE floor explained how NYSE floor looks these days.

"Pre-pandemic, there were probably about 500 people on the NYSE floor," he said. "Now, we are about 125 that includes brokers, clerks and support staffs."

"The standards are very very strict to protect against Covid spread," he added. "We have infrared temperature taken every morning as we walk in the building. There are random Covid tests on a regular basis."

On being asked why he chose to go on the NYSE floor, when trading can be done remotely, he said, "The business that I am in, the business model that I have built with my team here, the way we trade, the information that we disseminate to customers, which is what gives them a trading model, cannot be done offsite or remotely."

"I have to admit, as somebody who's been here since 1985, that even though we have a much thinner group of people on the floor," he said. "On a daily basis for me to get in here in the morning to see the bell rung and start trading stocks and to be here for IPOs, direct listing and SPACs and to trade the opening and the closing of the market is as exciting as it ever was since the first day I arrived."

Not only is Tuchman active on the floor, he has become more active than ever. He is teaching young traders who want to learn investing.

"We’ve seen stocks like GameStop  (GME) - Get GameStop Corporation Report and Overstock  (OSTK) - Get Inc. Report and the influx of 40 million new retail investors in the market on trading platforms. I feel these are uneducated irresponsible immature traders who don’t have the fundamentals to trade a market like this," Tuchman said. "So, we have curated a course and an 8 part course called Wall Street Global Trading Academy. It is an eight part course on risk management money management technical analysis chart set up to help educate the new retail investor."

If you are wondering if Tuchman is retiring soon, then you are mistaken.

"I am not leaving yet. I'm not going to retire. All of these things are just so exciting for me. It's what wakes me up in the morning," he said. "So in a way, it's no different than it's been for 35 years."

"This is my life. I eat, I breathe, I dream it. To be back here is the greatest thing in the world," he added.

Watch the video above to know more.

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