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Morning Market Stir: Pullback Deepens with Headlines Out of Greece

Equities were weak on Monday and are pulling back sharply this morning

Tuesday, December 9 – Alan Knuckman reports from the floor of the CME Group in Chicago where markets pulled back on Monday with the e-mini S&P closing at 2,059, the Dow down to 17,850, and the Nasdaq finishing at 4,279, down 0.84% on the day. The dollar hit new highs but also finished in the red at 89.05, allowing the Euro to reverse higher to 1.2327. Bonds caught a flight to quality, finishing at 142'18. Crude had another big down day, ending at 63.05. Gold firmed up, closing at 1,195. This morning, the trends from Monday are continuing, with equities lower and bonds higher. The dollar is down, allowing the Euro to bounce, and bonds are breaking out to the upside. Gold is quite strong, pushing well above 1,200, with crude up slightly on dollar weakness.

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