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Morning Market Stir: No Turnaround Tuesday as Dollar Holds Gains

Equity markets remain weak.

Wednesday, September 24 – Alan Knuckman reports from the floor of the CME Group in Chicago, where equities continued falling on Tuesday. The S&P closed at 1,972.25, down 14, with the Dow down 16,963, and the Nasdaq at 4,037. The dollar finished at 84.78, nearing the 85 level, with the Euro hanging in at 1.2865. Bonds were higher, finishing at 137'13. Crude tested its recent lows before heading higher and closed at 91.55. Gold was up in the morning but faded and finished at 1,222. Equities are higher this morning but we wait to see if that will hold. The dollar remains firm with the Euro sliding. Bonds are unchanged, with crude and gold falling further.