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Morning Market Stir: Equities Pulling Back Following Another Strong Week

Equity futures are lower this morning as the dollar continues its surge

Monday, December 8 – Alan Knuckman reports from the floor of the CME Group in Chicago where markets again hit new highs on Friday. The e-mini S&P was up 0.74% for the week, closing at 2,076. The Dow led on the week, finishing at 17,953, while the Nasdaq did not make new highs and closed at 4,319, actually finishing lower on the week. The dollar continued making new highs to 89.36, while the Euro fell lower to 1.2289. Bonds were down to 141'17. Crude dropped to 65.85 on Friday, and gold fell to 1,190, but was up 15 on the week. This morning equities are down as the dollar continues to surge, and the Euro accelerates to the downside. Bonds continue to go nowhere. Crude is close to making new lows as it approaches the 64 level, while gold is holding steady above 1,190.

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