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Morning Market Stir: Equities Hang Around Near Highs as Nasdaq Leads

Equities continue to consolidate near the highs as commodities have yet to reverse

Thursday, November 13 – Alan Knuckman reports from the floor of the CME Group in Chicago where equities bounced back yesterday after showing some weakness. The e-mini S&P closed at 2,036, although it did not make new highs. The Dow closed higher at 17,577, and the Nasdaq did make new highs at 4,196. The dollar finished at 87.91, while the Euro avoided new lows and closed at 1.2433. Bonds closed at 140'24. Crude finished at 77.20 as it continues to consolidate, and gold fell to 1,159. This morning, equities have been attacking new highs, while the dollar is pulling back and the Euro refuses to fall lower. Bonds have yet to move much this morning, while crude is down and gold is higher.

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