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Morning Market Stir: Another Big Day as the V-Shape Rally Continues

After equities surged on Tuesday, we're watching to see if oil can catch a bid

Wednesday, October 29 – Alan Knuckman reports from the floor of the CME Group in Chicago where markets surged again. The S&P closed in on retaking the 2,000 level, finishing at 1,980. The Dow was up 180 points to 16,936, and the Nasdaq got within 10 points of September highs at 4,094. The dollar pulled back to 85.47, with the Euro continuing to base and closing at 1.2739. Bonds fell to 141'17. Oil has been forming a base and closed at 81.45, and gold was unchanged at 1,229. This morning, equities, currencies, and bonds are all relatively unchanged. Oil is breaking out above 82, and gold is pulling back.

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