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Morning Market Stir: An Ugly Week for Risk Assets as Equities Finally Drop

Risk appetite left the market last week in a major way, but this morning we're seeing a bounce back.

Monday, December 15 – Alan Knuckman reports from the floor of the CME Group in Chicago where equities got smacked on Friday, pushing new lows for the week. The S&P lost 3.5% for the week, closing at 1,992.5, the Dow lost 3.75% falling to 17,280, and the Nasdaq fared slightly better, but still down at 4,189. The dollar fell to 88.60, pushing the Euro up to 1.2452. Bonds took off for the week, surging to 145'06 on Friday. Crude closed the week below 60 at 57.80, and gold held up at 1,222. This morning, we're seeing a bounce in risk assets as equities are up, with the S&P back above 2,000. The dollar is up, with the Euro and bonds down. Crude is up with gold pulling back.

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