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More Girls Need to Be in Tech and Engineering, says VZ Wireless CNO

There are 9 million tech jobs available and not enough women are scheduled to fill them. VZ Wireless CNO Nicki Palmer wants to change that.

Nicki Palmer, Chief Network Officer of Verizon Wireless, is an engineer and wants more women in the field.

"Of the 9 million tech jobs available, women are expected to fill very few of them."

So we have to do a better job of explaining the technology and engineering jobs to our young girls, she says. Because it's more than just erecting bridges and buildings, "there is science and technology all around us every single day," she says.

Palmer referenced the smartphones that we all carry in our pockets and said, "you love this phone - guess what? Ceramic engineering makes the screen...materials science...electrical engineering make sure what's in side works."

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