More Colleges and Students Embrace Digital Learning, Says Education CEO

The CEO of McGraw-Hill Education says at all levels, educational systems are embracing digital learning.
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McGraw-Hill Education has seen a quick shift to digital learning, with about 60% of its higher education business now being digital, according to CEO David Levin. Levin expects that percentage to dramatically increase over the next few years. Meantime, he says digital comprises about one third of the company's K-12 business. Levin says a digital approach to learning allows teachers to personalize a student's education. enabling them to learn better. McGraw-Hill has staffed up to accommodate the move to digital, hiring hundreds of software engineers. On another note, Levin says the nation's educational system needs to focus more on outcomes, saying that about 18% of students across the country fail to graduate high school. TheStreet's Rhonda Schaffler has details from McGraw-Hill's corporate headquarters in New York City.