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Believe in Ethical and Responsible Investing, Says Monk Turned Money Manager

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Former monk and now a money manager shared his insights on how his past has influenced his life for good.

Doug Lynam, the director of Educator Retirement at LongView Asset Management, said, "Being a monk influenced my decisions because I believe passionately in ethical and responsible investing. So, we now know that environmentally and social responsible investing is outperforming conventional investment."

He continued, "So, it's not just the right thing to do, it's a smarter way to invest.".

Lynam, who was a monk for 20 years before turning into a money manager, said, " I think one of the key insights of all religious traditions is that we're all interconnected and you can't unsee that. Once you realize how deeply interconnected our world is, then it has to influence your investment decisions, particularly with the issues of global warming that we face and trying to align investments with values to combat climate change and greenhouse gases."

Lynam's book, From Monk to Money Manager, hit the book shelves last week. He narrated his journey from being the son of wealthy parents, to joining the military, to becoming a Benedictine monk and now becoming a money manager.

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