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The Stock Market Isn't Rigged, Just Look At The Odds (VIDEO)

Millennials are wary of the stock market, but they should get in and invest because there is nothing rigged about it, say our experts during out Millennial Investment Webinar.

There is growing sentiment among millennials that the stock market is rigged, but investing doesn't have to feel like going to the casino. Odds of profiting are actually pretty high for investors, especially if you place your money in something as secure as the S&P 500

"If you go back to 1980, [the S&P 500] has ended in positive territory more than 75% of the time. I like to say that's better odds than what you would get, house odds, at a casino." said Samantha Azzarello, global markets strategist at JPMorgan Asset Management (JPM) - Get Free Report .

But Andres Garcia, CEO at Zoe Financial, said that Wall Street still needs to work on increasing transparency to earn millennials' trust.

"They have to be much more transparent than they were with their parents about fees, the types of returns, about everything. It goes both ways, in essence, Wall Street should also try to earn the trust by transparency with millennials," said Garcia.

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