What do the midterm election results mean for your retirement? Not much say two experts!

Retirement Daily's Robert Powell and an all-star panel of experts discuss how you can break through the gridlock while planning for your retirement.

Retirement Experts.

  • Richard Rosso, director of financial planning at Clarity Financial
  • Bob Frick, an economist at Navy Federal Credit Union 
  • Hosted by Retirement Daily's Bob Powell.

Actionable Advice.

Don't focus on what's in front of us right now. We as human beings get caught up in the fire. It's a 20 trillion dollar economy, the market does great over time ", says Rosso.

Retirees and those saving for retirement should expect two years of gridlock and should not expect additional tax cuts. They should also expect that lawmakers in Washington, D.C. won't cut nor take steps to shore up Social Security or Medicare.

In essence, Frick and Rosso expect status quo with the possible exception of bipartisan agreement on infrastructure spending. "That's something that would really help middle- and lower-middle-class Americans to a great degree," said Frick.

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