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Midday Wrap: Dems Debate Big Tech

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Big tech was under the spotlight at the Democratic Presidential Debate on Tuesday night as the front runners for the Democratic nomination battled it out. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA) has been the most vocal candidate about breaking up the tech companies. Earlier this year, she unveiled her plan to break up big tech companies. 

On Tuesday, she singled out Amazon (AMZN) , saying that the company invites smaller businesses onto its platform, only to use the data and information it gleans to then turn around and compete against those businesses through its private label offerings. 

Meanwhile Andrew Yang, who has a background as an entrepreneur, said that increasing competition would not do the job needed to protect consumers. Yang instead proposed making user data the property of users. 

Finally, Beto O'Rourke's plan is to treat Facebook (FB) as a publisher, as opposed to being treated as a utility. That way, Facebook would be liable for some of the questionable content that is published on its platform. 

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