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How Michael Dell Launched Computer Giant Dell with $1000

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Do you know the history behind your Dell?

The computer company, which focuses on selling, repairing and developing computers, was started by Michael Dell back in 1984. 

The company unveiled the industry's fastest performing PC in 1986.

Two years later, in 1988, the company went public and kicked off trading at $8.50 a share. 

And, in 1999, Dell was the top PC in the U.S. 

The company, which had previously focused on making computers, spread its wings into the services space in 2009 when it acquired Perot Systems and launched Dell Services. 

The same year, Dell bought Mini 3i from China Mobile, which moved the company into the smartphone market. 

Then, in 2013, Michael Dell teamed up with Silver Lakes and Microsoft to take Dell private for $24.4 billion. It was the biggest buyout since the financial crisis.

Six years later, Dell once again went public on the New York Stock Exchange and shares kicked off trading at $46.

Want to know more about Dell's history? Watch the video above. 

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