Menswear Rules Made Simple

David Coggins, the author of 'Men and Style,' discusses how to dress like your best self.
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David Coggins, author of Men and Style, was kind enough to sit down to chat about the basic rules of menswear for the office. As you can see from his dapper look, the man knows what he's talking about. 

"The best-dressed men dress like the best versions of themselves, so you want to get into that place where you feel like you're putting your best food forward. And that's going to help you in your business and personal life, and you'll look terrific," he said.

On suits 

"Every man needs a blue suit and a gray suit. Those are the two basic suits. If you're buying a suit for business and you want to start on the lower end, a great place to go is still J. Crew. It's very reasonable, and you can get a lot of things. I still think Ralph Lauren (RL) - Get Report is a great place to buy a suit. The mansion is fantastic, they've got a lot of different levels — you can get Polo, you can get Purple Label if you're going to move up and graduate in the world."

"If you want to talk about common mistakes men make with their suit, they often keep their trousers too long. And if you see a man in a cheap suit you can tell. The fabric is usually a little shiny and he generally doesn't look very happy in it, he's wearing it against his will. Most men should know themselves and their build and when they know that, it helps them know what suit to wear and where to buy it. I think you should know what a company is good at when you're going to buy a suit from them. So if you go to Zegna, they have beautiful fabric. Most men look good in a natural shoulder with minimal padding, and I think if you go to places that do what you want, then you're going to be very happy with them."

On ties

"I love a knit tie. I'm wearing one now. I think texture is a really great way for men to do something of interest while still maintaining a conservative palette. Most men don't want to make too many choices in the morning. They're rushing to work; they want to keep it simple. That's why most men gravitate towards a uniform."

Coggins contributes to Esquire, Conde Nast and Mr. Porter, to name a few, and currently has fashion collaborations with Drake's and Sleepy Jones. 

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