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From Mega Millions to Powerball: Biggest Lottery Jackpots Since 2016

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Tuesday night's mega millions jackpot hits an estimated $418 Million. Taking the cash would give you $263.3 million.

While winning the lottery seems to be the quickest path to building wealth,  it's not easy to win?

You'll need massive amounts of luck to win the massive jackpot. 

The lottery business in the U.S. keeps growing, which only means that people are trying their luck more and more.

Nobody has the formula to win a lottery. If they had it, the lottery business would be gone forever. 

From New York, to South Carolina, to Wisconsin ... there are lottery winners are all around the U.S.. We've listed out - from smallest to biggest - the jackpots that lucky lottery winners have won since 2016. All you have to do is watch the video above and yes, good luck on the next lottery drawing!

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