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Medal of Honor Recipient: What CEO's Can Learn From the Military

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Hey, CEO's listen up. 

Staff Sergeant David Bellavia, who was recently awarded the Medal of Honor by President Donald Trump, weighed in on what CEO's can learn from the military and military personnel.

And, yes, it is more than just how strict the military can be. 

Here's what Bellavia had to say:

"Well, first of all, hire veterans. That's the best thing they could do because, you know, not only are we organized, um, but we solve problems. Uh, we take a symmetrical environment and difficult situations and you know, a lot of people, especially in finance and in business, they want a hundred percent risk assessment," Bellavia said.

The Medal of Honor recipient had plenty more to say on the subject, to hear more, make sure to watch the video above!

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