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McDonald's McRib Is Back In All Its Sweet, Saucy Glory

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It's almost as polarizing as whether a Big Mac should or should not have bacon.

McDonald's MCD barbecue pork sandwich, the McRib, made a hotly anticipated return at McDonald’s locations nationwide Wednesday -- and was already dividing those who think it should be a regular menu item and those who definitely feel it should not.

The boneless pork patty doused in sweet BBQ sauce and topped with slivered onions and pickles on a hoagie-style bun was brought back to 10,000 McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. last year but hasn't been available nationwide since 2012.

The rollout comes as McDonald’s rides out a wild year that saw sales plunge amid widespread lockdowns and fears over whether Covid-19 could be spread on surfaces, and then a rebound as consumers learned more about how the disease is transmitted and grew more comfortable with drive-through, pick-up and delivery.

It also comes with both accolades and a few turned-up noses, particularly on Twitter, where praises about the McRib's return were offset by barbs about processed meat, sauce delivery vehicles and general messiness.

The price tag for a McRib meal that includes medium fries, a drink and a lot of napkins delivered by Uber Eats in Manhattan: $13.28. Some McDonald's locations will be selling the McRib alone for about $3.69.

For those who truly can’t live without the McRib being a permanent menu item, the offering is available year-round at McDonald’s locations in Germany.

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