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Shares the Beyond Meat are sizzling this morning after the company announced that it is partnering with McDonald's in Canada to send out a trial run of it's meatless meat burgers. Now, the exciting part, obviously McDonald's, massive retail chain that will now be providing a meatless meat and specifically Beyond Meat's patties. The trial, is only going to be in 28 stores in an area that's just about two hours West of Toronto or two hours East of Detroit, depending on which way you're looking. And the idea is to see how things go over a 12 week period. And if they go well, and their expectation at least from investors is that they will. It could be rolled out certainly in Canada and hopefully nationwide as well. This morning the stock is definitely responding, it's up more than 12%, and a bit of a comeback from where it's been before, so remains to be seen. For I'm Corey Goldman.