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Matt Damon Ad Draws Fire as Melania Wishes Bitcoin a Happy Birthday: Latest Crypto News

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Matt Damon’s ad put Twitter in flames as Melania Trump seemingly differed from her husband’s cryptocurrency stance. Ross Mac of Maconomics broke down the latest news in cryptocurrency in the video above.


We got the star of Jason Bourne showing a lot of love to cryptos, and on the other end of the spectrum, the British Parliament, is back hating on cryptocurrency.

It’s ya boy Ross Mac and these are the biggest cryptocurrency stories on Tuesday, January 4.

A Matt Damon ad from sent Twitter crazy last night after the actor essentially said that trading cryptocurrency is comparable to mankind's greatest achievements. The best part is that this ad isn't even that new, and actually dropped last October but that's not stopping Twitter from making fresh remarks about it. We might need a new Jason Bourne movie, maybe we call it the ‘Crypto Ultimatum.’

While former President Donald Trump has spoken out against crypto, former First Lady Melania Trump took to Twitter to celebrate bitcoin on its 13th birthday. This comes just weeks after she announced the launch of her own NFT project...that's one household who really exemplifies the "Let’s agree to disagree" rule.

Some members of the British Parliament are lobbying the government to take on a stricter stance on the crypto industry. The story was first reported by iNews, which quoted MP Richard Holden as comparing crypto to the wild west. Sound familiar? Current American SEC Chair Gary Gensler has also made that comparison.

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