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Mastercard Executive: How Small Businesses Can Grow Into Big Businesses

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Small businesses are constantly referred to as the backbone of the economy. 

But, how true can that be if small business owners aren't receiving the access to the resources that they need to successfully run their businesses. 

Amnah Ajmal, executive vice president of Core Products at Mastercard (MA) , told TheStreet's Katherine Ross that 74% of small business owners don't have cyber security.

"There's also a component of how do I get access to my day to day tasks for running my business. 80% of the employees of small business owners not have access to any kind of help line from small things, like securing a meeting with a client, booking a venue. I'm, I'm purchasing a gift and recruiting services," said Ajmal. 

"And I think one of the things that we have to keep in mind is that we need to equip them with more and more tools. So they actually [go] from small business to big businesses, right? Because they have the right passion, they have the dream, they have the vision, they know where to get to," continued Ajmal. "They have the drive, right? They need access to resources. A small business does not have the finance side. They don't have a CFO, they don't have an HR head. They don't have accountants and tax consultants working for them and that's where we believe as Mastercard, we are adding value by enabling them to become big businesses and contribute to the economy and add more and more jobs because there's small businesses, girl, they're adding more and more people."

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