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Marriott Vacations CEO: Our Stock Has Performed 'Admirably' Through COVID-19

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Are you looking to vacation?

Steve Weisz, Marriott Vacation CEO  (VAC) - Get Free Report, joined TheStreet to weigh in on the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the vacation sector.

When asked whether or not the pandemic will have a permanent impact on the vacation sector, Weisz said that it remains to be seen.

"Well, I guess that'll remain to be seen. I think the one thing that we're seeing and we're hearing from... in talking to... to our owners is the fact that they've been kind of cloistered together in their homes, uh, it's kind of, uh, brought back some sense of kind of family or... or... organization, orientation. There's been a period of time when everybody's been kind of going their own different way based on everything that they're involved with. So I actually think that's actually a positive thing. But, you know, how... how people will react to getting on an airplane or getting on a cruise ship or something like that I guess we'll only... we'll wait to see what happens. I can tell you there's... there's just a lot of pent up demand from our owners. Uh, you know, they own their product, they own their vacation, uh, and they're just anxious to get out and enjoy them. So, uh, wherever we are able to do that, the resorts are open. And, we're very much looking forward to seeing everybody back," said Weisz.

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