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Marriott CFO: Snatching Up Millennial Loyalty a 'Key' to Consumer Business

Millennials favor experiences over things. That's great news for a hotel company such as Marriott, finance chief Leeny Oberg tells TheStreet.

Millennials have become one of the most important targets for corporations everywhere, from consumer discretionary to finance to tech. 

According to Marriott International Inc. (MAR) finance chief Leeny Oberg, the group has become "key" to the company's consumer business. She said millennials, which are the largest generation, favor experiences over things, meaning hotels are at the top of their spending list. 

Oberg said Marriott has been focused on gaining millennial loyalty now, as the age group still hasn't reached its maximum spending potential yet. Once they get there, Marriott wants to be the go-to.

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