Will a market rebound last?

Only time will tell ...

After China's retaliatory tariffs on $60 billion worth of U.S. imports sent markets reeling Monday, U.S. stock futures pointed to a modest rebound for Wall Street on Tuesday.

While speaking with Action Alerts Plus' Research Analyst Zev Fima, Action Alerts Plus' Senior Portfolio Analyst Jeff Marks zeroed in on the latest market rebound, and referenced Jim Cramer's latest Real Money column.

"Jim has a very good piece out on Real Money today where he talks about sort of the trade dynamics going on and how, how the U.S. is, you know, the tough stance against China and how the European trade partners come into play. And, you know, Jim has a lot of insight into a lot of what CEOs are saying about what they think on trade."

Marks added, "So, you know, while it may not be exactly beneficial to the economy, what the view is that now might be the time to do it if you're ever going to do it."

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