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Why the Markets Aren't Keeping Jim Cramer Up at Night

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Jim Cramer wrote about how the markets aren't keeping him up at night over on Real Money. But he wouldn't be surprised if some investors are struggling to catch some shut eye.

Somewhere at some point in the canon of journalism, someone came up with the idea of asking "what keeps you up at night." For me, it is usually back pain or migraine pain, both of which I am attempting to deal with and both of which are a lot more searing than the headlines.

But that, of course, is not what the inquiring journalists want to know. They want you to spin disaster scenarios which would then put the words in your mouth of "this is what's really worrying Jim Cramer," to use the dreaded third person on myself.

You know what, though? I am going to play that game for just one moment so people can see what might "keep me up" if I did worry and could not sleep because of the market -- EVEN THOUGH THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

Basically Cramer's got his eyes peeled on the Uber IPO and the trade deal.

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