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Why This CIO Says Market Volatility Could Be a Huge Opportunity for Investors

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The markets have been on a rollercoaster ride the past couple of weeks.

Carol Schleif, deputy chief investment officer at Abbot Downing, sat down with TheStreet to talk about the markets and to break down some advice for investors trying to navigate these more volatile markets. 

"Well, the advice is volatility is normal and it's not necessarily to be viewed as a bad thing. Volatility is a normal piece. We just aren't used to seeing it recently because we've had such calm markets. Volatility isn't risk per se, even though it's often taught that it is. Volatility is more often represented by opportunity," Schleif said. 

And what about the sectors that Abbot Downing is keeping an eye on?

"We watch all of them obviously, but the ones getting hit the hardest sell such as technology and financial services. Some of the consumer cyclical names that are caught in the crossfire there. It's an interesting place to start for us in terms of starting to fish for some individual stocks and individual ideas. And then from a sector standpoint to taking that on a global basis, looking at some of the emerging markets is an interesting place for us to be watching because the question is for an investor, how much is already discounted in the price," she said.

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