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Market Selloff: Here's Where the Markets Ended This Week, Coronavirus Update

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The markets experienced a selloff Friday due--in most part--to the fears surrounding the spread of the coronavirus , with the Dow closing down 603 points, or 2% percent.

This was the worst day for the Dow since August 23.

The S&P closed down 1.7% and the Nasdaq closed down nearly 1.6%.

Some of the stocks that were tanking Friday include WWE  (WWE) - Get Free Report, which was down over 21%, KOSE Corporation, which was down over 12% and Luckin Coffee  (LK) - Get Free Report, which was down nearly 11%.

Right before the close, we heard from the White House on the coronavirus.

President Trump declared the coronavirus a public health emergency in the United States.

The U.S. is also imposing quarantines and travel restrictions due to the virus.

Earlier Friday, United Airlines, American Airlines and Delta announced that they were suspending all remaining service to China. This followed a level four travel advisory for China--issued by the U.S.--which is the highest level of caution.

And the Center for Disease control has also ordered a federal, 14-day quarantine--which is the incubation period for the virus--for 195 Americans who recently evacuated Wuhan, China, and are now on an Air Force base in California.

This is the first such order in over 50 years.

The coronavirus outbreak has, so far, killed at least 213 and infected roughly around 10,0000 people around the world.

There are confirmed cases of the virus in 23 countries, with six confirmed cases in the United States. 

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