Market Madness: This Market Is for Stock Pickers

Looking to play the markets? Here's a defensive stock pick and why this market is for stock pickers.
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It's been a volatile day. 

And, as Jim Cramer warned investors during his morning show with TheStreet, this market is for stock pickers. RealMoney's Kevin Curran said that he, too, agrees that it's time to pick stocks. 

"In this long bull market, you'd have been fine to throw your money in an S&P fund. better yet, some kind of tech sector index or ETF," said Curran. "That's not true anymore, there will be winners and losers in the volatility. Finding them or picking managers that can will be key."

Political Sparring

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mike Pence and President Donald Trump all met in the Oval Office to discuss border protection. 

Schumer and Trump exchanged barbs, which led to Trump stating that he'd be "proud" to shut down the government and Schumer lectured Trump that, "elections have consequences."

The public spat took place in front of press in the President's office. 

After the four met, the Dow took a downward turn as the markets immediately reacted to the disagreement between the top Democrats and the President. 

Later in the afternoon, it had recovered slightly, but it wasn't enough to keep the Dow from a final dip as the markets closed. 

Time to Play?

RealMoney's Kevin Curran broke down why McDonald's (MCD) - Get Report is a good defensive stock pick for investors.

Curran wrote more about RealMoney's stock of the day and why it's considered a defensive stock.

Cramer has called the stock "one of the quintessential winners since [Fed Chair Jerome] Powell made his intemperate remarks."

As investors turn away from aggressive investing and back to classic standbys, McDonald's could end up being a market leader as its historical resilience in tough markets and forward-looking remodeling plans garner attention, analysts say.

"MCD is the only 'defensive' restaurant stock in our coverage, as demonstrated in both stock and fundamental performance, at a time when defensiveness should matter more," Morgan Stanley analyst John Glass wrote in a note explaining his bullishness on the stock. "MCD provides a stabilizing, defensive counterbalance in a volatile market environment."

You can read more about McDonald's on TheStreet's sister site.