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Market Madness? Jim Cramer on Market Volatility and What to Watch Next

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It's been quite the week in the markets. 

What should investors be worried about when it comes to this market? Here's some advice from Jim Cramer.

He wrote this morning in his Real Money column about the four reasons to still invest in U.S. stocks based on trade war rhetoric.

Here's a sneak peek:

I think the assault ends badly for the assaulters, but not for the reasons that you would expect. Here's why: I think the trade war long-game, siege rhetoric coming out of China only has gravitas if it can convince enough thought leaders that the American consumer will be hurt by the tariffs, the ones the mainstream media said weren't producing any money for the Treasury but are now on track to create $100 billion in transfer payments to the Treasury.

Watch to see what advice Cramer has for investors who are worried about approaching the markets. 

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