Lower Fat Frappuccinos Won't Wake-Up Starbucks Stock -- 3 Things That Would

Starbucks is reportedly testing lower calorie, lower fat frappes. The company will have to do a lot more to jump-start its lagging stock price.
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With weakening frappuccino sales in the recent quarter, Starbucks (SBUX) - Get Report is reportedly testing lower sugar, lower calorie versions in 600 stores. 

But to get Starbucks shares jump-started -- the stock is down 2.2% the last two years -- the company will have to do much more than create "healthier" frappes.

For instance, Starbucks should consider making its rewards program more generous, introducing a lower priced range of coffees to compete with McDonald's (MCD) - Get Report and halt efforts to add new complicated drinks to the menu. 

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