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Louise Linton Sparks #Luxe Controversy On Instagram

#HermesScarf #TomFord #ValentinoRockStudHeels #USA

In case you weren't familiar with Louise Linton, Steve Mnuchin's fairly new wife, now you are!

The actress grabbed the attention of social media last night when she posted an Instagram (FB) - Get Facebook, Inc. Class A Report of her and Mnuchin exiting a U.S. government branded plane while hashtagging her luxury items like #HermesScarf and #TomFord sunnies. 

When a mom commented that it was "distasteful", Linton fired back asking, "have you given more to the economy than me and my husband?" And noting "your life looks cute" while bringing up the commenter's kids, after clearly having gone through her Instagram account. After Linton's Instagram and off-putting comments went viral she unfortunately locked her Instagram account, not allowing the media to dig for more buried treasure. 

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The Scottish actress has garnered negative attention before for fabricating parts of her self-published memoir about her time in Zambia.

Meanwhile, "your life looks cute" is the new passive aggressive dig of 2017. 

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