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A Look Inside President Biden's Diverse Cabinet

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46th U.S. President Joe Biden will boast the most diverse U.S. cabinet in the history, if all his nominees are confirmed by the Senate.

It's worth remembering that Vice President Kamala Harris, 56, has also made a history by becoming the first woman, Black and South Asian person to hold the vice presidency.

Biden's 26 Cabinet-level positions encompass a significant number of women (12) and people of color. 

If confirmed by senate, Biden's cabinet will make a history in so many ways. It has the first openly gay Cabinet secretary in the U.S, Pete Buttigieg, as a secretary of transportation. His cabinet will also have first-ever Native American Cabinet secretary, Deb Haaland, as a secretary of the interior.

Watch the video above to know more about Biden's diverse cabinet team.

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