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The Longevity Economy and The Factors That Have Given Rise to the Current Landscape

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A low-interest-rate environment is a challenge but bodes well for purchasers of annuities.

Longevity has always been an opportunity for insurance companies to provide customer solutions through products and services. And in recent years, the longevity space has continued to expand, with changes in later age mortality, socioeconomic divergence in longevity, a shifting landscape from defined benefit protection, and increasing strain on Medicare and Social Security.

What do we need to know about the factors that have given rise to the current landscape? 

That was the subject of The Longevity Economy,  a free webinar sponsored by Athene.

Meet the Panelists:

Among the topics covered include the current state of retirement, how professionals are responding and actionable advice you can take to secure your future. Catch it all and more in the free webinar above. 

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