Louise Yamada is a trailblazer. She is one of the first female stock market technicians.

She spent 25 years at Smith Barney (which is now morphed into Morgan Stanley (MS - Get Report) ) as head of Technical Research, a job that was handed down to her from her mentor, Alan Shaw, one of the market's founding technicians. 

Her astute charting analysis helped her be one of the first to call the Enron fiasco, the dot com debacle and the crash of the financials in 2007.

Today, she runs her own firm but becoming one of Wall Street's great forecasters was not her original goal

It was out of necessity.  She needed to pay the bills.

She was an early education teacher whose ex-husband left her with a 10-month old little boy. So she started selling her own things and put that extra money in the market.

Those small investments lead her to learn how to read annual reports and eventually charts.

She took a technical class taught that was taught by the "Godfather" of charting, Ralph Acampora and eventually ended up under the tutelage of Adam Shaw, who was then head of Technical Analysis at Smith Barney.

Shaw asked if anyone needed a job.

Yamada raised her hand.

And her career at Smith Barney began and she has been AlphaRising ever since.

She has been #AlphaInspiring me since graduate school, so it was an honor and a pleasure to spend time with her.

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