Legendary Technician Gives Her View of the Current Market

Louise Yamada is a Wall Street legend. As one of the first female technicians, she called the Enron and Tyco debacles before they happened and knew someone was selling the financials as early as 2007. Listen to her now explain the current state to the market.
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Louise Yamada called the Enron debacle, the Tyco fiasco and knew the financials were being taken down as early as 2007, way before the financial crisis.

She is one of the first female technicians on Wall Street and spent 25 years as head of technical research at Smith Barney, under the supportive leadership of Sallie Krawcheck.

Today she is the managing director of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors, which she founded October 2007, right after Smith Barney decided to cut her group and let them all go.

It was my great privilege to meet finally her, as I have followed her career and admired for years. So stay tuned for our full conversation where we talk about everything from rising interest rates to how she studied nights and weekends to learn how to be a technician while teaching early education during the day. 

She is a true trailblazer.

In the clip above, listen to her explain what the charts are saying about the state of the current market and whether a recession is around the corner.