Lee Munson Discusses the Market and Areas of Opportunity for Investors

Munson sees the banks as an opportunity for investors.
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Lee Munson, Chief Investment Officer of Portfolio Wealth Advisors, doesn't see signs of a recession coming any time soon and says investors should look at the banking sector as a place to put their money. 

"If you want to buy some individual stocks, I look at the banking sector," said Munson. "If you want to buy some indexes and get some broad exposure, I [like] emerging markets -- if we see emerging markets go down another 5% I'm going to be buying myself." 

Even though the U.S. and China are in a tit-for-tat trade spat, these headwinds have been adequately priced into the U.S. market, said Munson, noting that the market correction in February was the result of inflation scare, not a trade war.

"I think the only thing that we're not really pricing in right now is the upside as we see continued earnings going double-digit increases year over year," Munson said.