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Sports Learning App Founders Say Pandemic Has Led to Permanent Technological Advancement

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We are all relying on technology now more than ever to stay connected, but has the coronavirus also accelerated the future of educational technology advancement?

Kaitlin O'Toole is joined by the founders of the Learn To Win App, Andrew Powell, Sasha Seymore and Tommy Hatton. Their app is revolutionizing the way we learn and our ability to continue to do so, given the current climate of the world.

Learn To Win was originally founded to improve the learning tactics used to teach athletes. Up until now, many programs often relied on the archaic three-ring binder system.

The trio decided to revolutionize the technological learning space, creating a platform that allows coaches to break down plays into micro-learning content. Players can study their playbook from anywhere and coaches are notified when they do so. With built-in quizzes, the app provides real-time data on their players' progress and understanding of the material.

Although originally intended for athletics, the Learn To Win App is now working with the United States Air Force, training fighter pilots, as well as some fortune 500 companies. Under the current circumstances, when we are all asking the question, "how can we do more from the comfort and safety of our home?" it's no wonder the app has had a surge in users of late.

The pandemic has lead us further into the technological era and has accelerated the space, but is it here to stay? The Learn to Win founders think so.

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