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Sports Learning App Soars During Pandemic as Teams Turn to Digital Lessons

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The coronavirus pandemic has devastated our country and left over 40 million Americans unemployed. However, even in this unprecedented time, some companies are still finding the ability to scale. Kaitlin O'Toole is joined by the founders of the Learn to Win app Andrew Powell, Sasha Seymore and Tommy Hatton to discuss the growth of their company during the pandemic.

Learn To Win is an app that uses learning tactics to teach athletes. Up until now, many programs often relied the archaic three-ring binder system. The founders of Learn to Win decided to revolutionize the technological learning space, creating a platform that allows coaches to break down plays into micro-learning content.

Players can study their playbook from anywhere at anytime and coaches are notified when they do so. With built in quizzes, the app provides real-time data on their players' progress and understanding of the material.

The technology is now being used by some Fortune 500 companies and the United States Air Force.

The Learn to Win app has become a resource for many teams and companies alike, providing them with an immediate solution to stay connected, learn and even advance during this time.

"In the first week that a lot of the quarantine provisions were announced, a lot of programs were scrambling to try to find ways to continue to teach their players. So in those first two weeks we saw over 200 demo requests," said Powell. In a typical week before the pandemic, the app got around 10 requests a week.

So is the virus accelerating our relationship with technology or is this the way the world was trending? 

Every organization in the world relies on people learning and performing to their best. So having this technology that allows them to do so from the safety of their home is something the Learn To Win founders think is here to stay, even when the pandemic is gone.

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