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Learn the Language of Financial Literacy: Coffee With Katherine

Ross Mac, host of Maconomics, joins Coffee With Katherine to discuss financial literacy, the Federal Reserve and generational wealth.

Anyone who has been following me for a while or checking in on my content knows that financial literacy is probably my absolute biggest passion. Whether that means investing literacy or simply understanding how to pick out a credit card, these tools help us with our everyday lives and are crucial for Americans. 

Unfortunately, most American curriculums don't include classes based on financial education. 

So, how is that impacting Americans and their finances?

Ross Mac, host of Maconomics, joined Coffee With Katherine to discuss the importance of financial literacy for Americans, and how he's using his platform to educate and empower Americans of color in the video below: 

And Mac just had a child, so top of mind for him right now is building generational wealth for her as she grows up. He explains how he's doing that as well. 

And then there's a pretty blunt quote by famed investor Stanley Druckenmiller that deserved some attention from Mac and myself.

"Let's start with the Fed and inequality. I don't think that there's been any bigger engine of inequality than the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States for the last 11 years. So hearing the chairman [Jerome Powell] talk about visiting homeless shelters is very, very rich indeed. I just had the best year that I've had in 15 years last year. Everyone wealthy I know is making a fortune, and why are we making it? Because this guy is printing money like there's no tomorrow. And the kids in Harlem, in my opinion, are not benefiting from money printing but Stan Druckenmiller and other wealthy people are," Druckenmiller said at the 2021 Student Investment Fund Annual Meeting of USC Marshall School of Business.