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Laid Off? Here's What Jim Cramer Says to Do With Your Investments

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Jim Cramer has some advice for investors who suddenly find themselves without a job due to the shutdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

His advice? Liquidate.

Watch the video above for his full explanation.

Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
If you have been laid off, Jim, what should you do with those investments that you have?

Jim Cramer:
This is another worry that my writing partner, Matt Horween, talks about, which is that you have to liquidate, and there's no choice. You have to liquidate. I mean, look, I think that already the student loan interest should have been forgiven. I mean, just forget that. I mean, already there should be forbearance, where every individual should be able to apply via the IRS to be able to get something, something right now, just a lifeline, so that they don't have to tap their savings. But most people don't even have savings. We need to see people in government who are not that wealthy, who say, "Look, this is the drill. We need to help this. We need to help that." And if we did that... Excuse me...doing a trade on Action Alerts. If we did that, then I'd feel so much better. So much better.

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