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Why Kudlow's 'Good Vibes' Comment Isn't Necessarily a Good Sign

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Krsitina Hooper, chief global market strategist at Invesco, told TheStreet that she's not a fan of Larry Kudlow's comments. 

"Well because I think that means that not much progress has been made. When you have to characterize it as having a good vibe, that means that we haven't gotten anything concrete accomplished. We're getting very close to that March 1st deadline," Hooper said. 

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But the trade talks weren't the only thing that Hooper talked about. She also tackled what a no-Brexit deal would mean for U.S. investors. 

"Well, I don't think a no deal Brexit will impact U.S. investors very much at all but it should be very significant for U.K. investors as well as European investors. I think as we hurdle closer to that deadline there's just more uncertainty, less clarity on what's going to happen," Hooper said. "So we're likely to see businesses really to decrease capital spending maybe curtail capital spending altogether in this environment because there is so much uncertainty about economic policy and that is likely to manifest itself in diminished earnings. And of course impact equities there."

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